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To the scrapheap with ye

Posted by on Mar 28, 2007

Heh. I rock geek socks, yo — got my first story posted on Slashdot! Well, partially mine… Read here. lol john mccain got pwned… 😉 Ahhh. Finally got the master disc out the door for the Six Bullets Original Soundtrack on Monday, and quite frankly I haven’t known what to do with myself since. It’s really crazy to think that it is complete after 3+ years of work...

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Excellent article I had to share…

Posted by on Mar 21, 2007

Just read this and had to share it: How I Became a Music Pirate Can you imagine a painting that was locked in a room? And the only way to see it is to pay? Art is a cultural phenomenon, and music is art. It is not meant to be locked down in this way. Not to worry, someday soon Endless Blue will be selling DRM-free MP3s that you will own. I just need some free time, lord help me…...

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Droppin’ a dime on yo’ MF immune system!

Posted by on Mar 20, 2007

Ah, this album has been one of my favorites for well over ten years now. Musically challenging and yet approachable at the same time… Great stuff. Too bad everything since has been, well, less so. Not much to report. Probably another night of mixing for the Six Bullets Soundtrack and a day to mull it over, then off to the presses. The live cello really adds a cool element to the mixes,...

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Throwing the proverbial “Munch” and other oddities

Posted by on Mar 14, 2007

[np: William Orbit – Hello Waveforms] So, what’s new? Back to the gym for me. Ouch, but a good ouch. I have a bit more motivation to do it now, to be honest. It gives me ample “by myself” time. Listen to tunes, move legs, lift heavy things, and think deep thoughts. Lovely. My iPod had the latest Junior Boys release So This Is Goodbye spinning while I burned a few calories...

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Posted by on Mar 8, 2007

Well, since all the political blogs are a little worn out and droll today after the all the excitement the last two days, I figured I should do some blogging of my own. On the topic of politics: Seriously. What meathead thought it was a good idea for FOX news to host a Democratic presidential debate? *ka-smack* Well, I was just reading the March Sound on Sound (aka “Best Magazine in the...

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