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Blog a day keeps something or other away…

Posted by on Mar 5, 2007

Back in the day, back around my STATE4 tenure, I used to be good at this whole blogging thing. I wrote with wit and candor, waxing poetic as a veritable Voltaire of satire. Now I’m lucky if I can use a complete sentence. What has happened between now and when I was blogging before blog was even a word? In a word: Tivo. But that’s not all, actually. I forget that the written word...

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Keep your eye on the ball

Posted by on Mar 2, 2007

Just a quickie while I suck down a beer and sync my iPod… I was googling us yesterday when I got all nostalgic and weepy… Yes, there is very little that is more narcissistic than googling oneself, but it’s really important to do as a band. Really. Not just to see all the nice things people are writing about you and your genius music. No, it’s very important to find out...

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Room temperature cup ‘o’ sad

Posted by on Mar 1, 2007

Just got a big ‘ole cup of “sad” and “nostalgia” dumped in my lap. I was doing a little ditty on EB on a Minnesota music website, and I started writing about the band’s history… And I remembered the night we really got to know Amanda, how she downed an entire bottle of wine and was singing jazz tunes with Laura. That was how it all started. Good times...

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