Endless Blue

Trip-Hop from West Bend, WI, USA

Lyrics and Leaving the Korg Fold

Posted by on Apr 24, 2011

I’ve become a big fan of pushing all of our content into the cloud rather than rolling it into our own website. I actually envision converting our entire website to WordPress at some point… At any rate, we had no permanent home for our lyrics, so I went in search of a viable site on which to post them. Wow, talk about a cesspool of sites. Yuck. After looking for some time, I settled...

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Somegirl, Drummers, and Recording

Posted by on Apr 9, 2011

Quite a bit going on in the last few weeks. Laura and I performed in Somegirl last Thursday at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. Great show, great fun. This was the second time that Laura’s sister Jessica has joined us on stage, and there is something pretty magical about hearing two singers that have been performing together for almost thirty years… By and large everyone said it we the...

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