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And The Grind Goes On

Posted on Nov 16, 2012

Just wanted to drop a note that, yes, we are in fact still alive. Hooray!

The reality is that we are deep in the grind for Undercover. 14 songs with full recording, three need vocals or bass or both, two that are in the midst of production, and one left to be picked. This is easily the most ambition project any of us have worked on — pretty crazy stuff. And most crazy is that I actually think we’ll hit our release date of April 2013! On the mixing side of things, I find myself working much more efficiently, tossing out recipe production tricks and just going with what sounds good. I have a nice clear vision of what I expect each track to sound like, which is a bit different than what happens with our original work… Covers are so much easier since you already have a starting structure to work off of.

Given all of that, I will be excited to get back to Endless Blue music. Working with Scott on Undercover has helped to shape a bit of a derivative sound for us, a bit more of the organic “real band” vibe. At our last recording session we all recorded live in a single take rather than tracking separately, and it was pretty cool. Not sure if I heard any magic just yet, but I look forward to trying it again soon, and especially on our new music. I feel there is something to getting that more “bandy” vibe in our music that takes other artists like Zero 7 and Air out of the electronica genre and puts them firmly somewhere else. I’ve always felt trip-hop, at its soul, was always more organic than its cousins, and it’s really exciting to take it there more fundamentally in Endless Blue.

In other news, I’ve been dealing with ongoing shenanigans on YouTube, and the general feeling I’m getting is… Icky… We’re going to be trying out vimeo as an alternative hosting site. Granted visibility will not be as high there and we will not be cancelling at YouTube any time soon, but all the same, I feel vimeo is a bit more artist friendly.

All for now, cheers!

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