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First Remix Pack: Low

Posted on Feb 12, 2012

CC BY-SA 3.0Digging through the archives and dusting off boxes really gets the gears going. On a seemingly impossible mission to mine remixes from archive.org, it hit me: most of these remixes are over five years old. Isn’t it time to get some new ones? Providing remix materials seems even more relevant in this day of mashups and social sites like SoundCloud.

I spent an hour or two this weekend working up a remix pack for our rather popular song Low off the Smoke Through It album. It’s a combination of loops and full audio tracks in the OGG format (before you groan, there are 6 bazillion programs that can convert to .wav or wahtever). Provided is a REAPER and EDL project that will show the fully tracked out song. Lead vocals are dry, and most volume and panning automation has been stripped. I tried to get the “best” sound for each loop/track, so this isn’t a really spectacular mixdown. FYI.

Anyway, have at it. This remix pack is released Creative Commons¬†Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (click the CC image on this post for details). You can remix away and even sell it on your CD or on bandcamp. You only have to give us credit and share your resulting track as well. Hopefully you’ll share it with us on facebook,¬†twitter, or SoundCloud. We would love to reshare it to all our fans as well!

Download the Low Remix Pack (26.36MB .zip file)

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