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I ain’t got time to blog…

Posted on Jan 18, 2008

Anyhow, long time, no blog. I keep putting it off, thinking “I’ll blog when the new website is done…” Well, the pace of that has been ridiculous, especially with the amount of work I’ve been putting into the CD lately, so I figured I better do one just to show that we’re still alive…

…and kickin’! We’re pretty much done with writing the music for the CD. Laura needs to write lyrics for two songs, and there’s a ton of tweaking to go, but otherwise we’re set for a release in 2008. Really. I promise.

And it’s damn tight. Just about every song has gone through two or three major revisions trying to find that perfect sound. I think this is the most meticulous and picky we’ve ever been with recording, and I think it’s showing in the final result.

In other news, Chanca just sent us some vocals on a track that we’re collaborating on, and it’s really cool/great stuff. Can’t wait to flesh that track out fully!

And that is that. Back to working on the website…

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