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I been a bad blogger…

Posted on Apr 17, 2008

Really, what I feel it boils down to is that I haven’t made it a priority lately. I can always think of a million other things I should be doing but blogging, even though it’s something I really enjoy… It’s annoying, too, because I’ll so often think of something or hear a funny story or remember a strange event in EB history, and I’ll immediately think “Hey, I should blog about that”. And then promptly never do, leaving it like an open sore that just kind of aches and slowly hades away.

Time to break that cycle.

So, I heard this awesome interview last week on NPR with the B-52s. Seems as though after 16 years, they’ve finally decided to release a new album. I heard a couple of the tracks, and while no “Rock Lobster”, they were pretty sold and fun. What was more impressive, though, was just listening to how down-to-earth these guys were. The interviewer pointed out that all the members of the band were in their 50s these days. She asked if it ever got hard for them to keep the energy level up. To that they responded “not really”, and that they will continue to do it as long as it remains fun.

And that was it in a nutshell. No grand plans for world domination, no great view of future albums, no petty bickering causing endless breaking and reforming of the band. Just a simple “Hey, even at 50 this is still fun”.

I really hope I can be like them.]]>

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