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Lyrics and Leaving the Korg Fold

Posted on Apr 24, 2011

I’ve become a big fan of pushing all of our content into the cloud rather than rolling it into our own website. I actually envision converting our entire website to WordPress at some point… At any rate, we had no permanent home for our lyrics, so I went in search of a viable site on which to post them. Wow, talk about a cesspool of sites. Yuck. After looking for some time, I settled on the least-worst option, which turned out to be lyrics.com. Only a few ads, nothing too dangerous, and a visually appealing site (in that I didn’t want to stab my eyes out with a rusty fork when I looked at it). There was also a pretty good amount of content already there, although it is not complete yet. Here’s the direct link: http://www.lyrics.com/endlessblue

If you follow us on the twitter machine (and you should, BTW) you might have noticed that I picked up a Roland Juno-G. Now, the last time I owned a Roland was back in 1999 when I had a gray SH-101 with the nifty keytar handle. Since I bought my Triton classic in 2000 I’ve been solidly a Korg man, having owned a pretty wide slice of their gear (minus the insane classics like the MS-20, of course, I ain’t rich here, folks). I still own said Triton as my live board, plus an X5, PolyEnsamble, Legacy Collection with the mini MS-20, and a busted up old PolySix. But in honesty the Korg sound had started to get a little dull for me. I mean, my newest board was over twelve years old — so much has changed in synthesis in that time… So I started looking for a new Korg. And… Well… It just didn’t take. Maybe I still had a bad taste in my mouth after the microPAD that died after only 5 months, or maybe it was just what seemed to be the endless regurgitation and repackaging of the Triton architecture… Regardless, I broke from the streak, looking for a little inspiration and change. I haven’t had a huge amount of time with the Juno-G, and I have no illusions about it in that it’s a bit of a “value” board. But change is always good for a little inspiration. And I don’t imagine I’ll look back — the next board will likely be something else entirely.

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