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Man found noodling, pushing squares

Posted on Apr 11, 2007

Had an awesome session last night. I was able to rebuild an entire song from just vocals and chord progression, and boy howdy, what a difference. I find there’s a certain element of chance when writing music — sometimes you’re just noodling or pushing squares around for drum patterns, and you happen upon something very cool. It’s these little bursts of magic that really make songs work. And yet, there’s an element of mechanics behind the magic… That is, if you hit upon magic but can’t figure out how to make it work within the song, you get nowhere. Last night had that nice balance between the two, and we gained a very cool song out of it.

I’ve been harping on this whole “the album will be done when it’s done” on this blog and in the world at large. Last night would be the perfect example of why we’re taking our time. If I had a drop-dead date on the album, I would have never decided to start from scratch (this would be the third time for this song, BTW). I would have forged on with an eye on the deadline, probably resulting in an OK song. But we don’t want OK songs on this album. Every single one of them should be to the top of our game. Now, I realize not every song can’t be a hit, but every song can be representative of one’s best work.

Getting there. More info on the album in May!]]>

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