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Meet Kent. He plays drums. Or little boxes that sound like drums.

Posted on May 12, 2014

Meet Kent. He plays drums. Or little boxes that sound like drums.

kent You may have noticed this handsome fella popping up in our pictures and random thoughts lately. A formal introduction is well past due — this is Kent Zocher, Endless Blue’s newest permanent member. He joined us a few month back, but we’ve all been so busy rehearsing and recording that we haven’t had the time to write this blog post…

Oddly enough, Kent and Scott go way back. They played together in some of their earliest high school bands and grew together musically. Eventually life took them on their separate ways, but they always seemed to bump into each other and pull the other into their music endeavors. After a rather long stint of being out of touch, Laura happened to bump into Kent in West Bend and soon learned they both knew Scott. The rest, as they say, is history.

kent-scott In true EB style, Kent does things a little differently. He plays a wild hybrid “cajone” kit — it’s essentially two wooden boxes with port holes in them, plus a hi-hat and a regular snare (for when things need to get loud). Between his skill and the kit, we’ve been getting this tight funky hip-hop sound that is just fitting the new tracks amazingly well.

In addition to playing with EB, Kent drums for several other projects, including Rachelle & The Red Hot Rattlers. Come out and meet him at one of our summer shows!

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