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Posted on Mar 5, 2009

did just release an album after all, no need to dive directly back into writing…

…and with that said, I did exactly the opposite and expanded on two new tracks last night. Both were ideas I had while finishing up Fever Dreams, just a couple of chords and a beat, maybe a bass line… And I really didn’t expand on them much. I feel a certain minimalism starting to creep into my writing, almost as if I would rather use a single instrument and pick the “right” notes rather than layer as much (which has always been my mainstay). We’ll see where it goes.

Speaking of single instruments, I find myself addicted to my latest purchase, the GForce Virtual String Machine. Sampled from the real deals, it’s a Solina/Eminent/Crumar emulator VST. It has a lovely ooey-gooey sound yet is pretty simple and straightforward to program. Expect to see it a lot in my future tracks… 🙂

Better get to work. Maybe I’ll write about the Chicago experience tomorrow.]]>

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