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Posted on Feb 10, 2009

I was compelled to join a classical choir at the local community college, even though IANAS (I am not a singer). It is tough, tough stuff, but a fun challenge, primarily on reading music. Reading music has always been one of those things I knew how to do in theory but had never really been forced to do. Being forced to burn through these complicated pieces with a bunch of people who read really well is pretty daunting but hella good mental workout.

I’m also preparing for my stint with Moulin Noir at the end of March, culminating in opening for Information Society in Minneapolis… We’re going to be doing mostly the same tracks as at SLC2K6, so I have a leg up in the regard that I remember most of the song structures (lord knows I must have put in 2 hours a day for a solid month for that show). This time around I’m doing guitar and a bit of keyboard, which is more my instrument anyway. Now to train Laura how to play synths… Hmmmm, should be interesting.

Finally, the eternal struggle in the studio continues… It’s pretty much workable right now — I can do mixing and recording no problem. Everything’s still a mess, though. I don’t want to fall into the trap I had at the last space, which is to let the cables just kind of fall as they may. Back to tying the next few nights.

And, well, to say I haven’t been doing *anything* EB related isn’t really true… I’ve been experimenting with using 5.1 sound to get greater separation of tracks for live sets. I was able to proof of concept this a few days ago — now to see if I can play the 5.1 with video from my ASUS Eee… Big IF, but if it works I’ll be able to stabilize our live set considerably. No more worrying about crappy burned DVDs…

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