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New Endless Blue CD Project: Undercover

Posted on Feb 29, 2012

Undercover is a concept we’ve had for some time now — a studio CD of all covers, trip-hop-ized and reinterpreted in our style. We’ve been considering it for years, fermenting and sloshing around in our little brains but never quite happening. The logistics of gathering all the suggested songs and paying the royalties to release the covers has always been just a bit out of our reach.

And then Kickstarter came along, giving us this amazing platform to croudfund and manage such a project (and possibly get us in front of new supporters and fans to boot). About a year ago, before we had even finalized the track list on Unfriend, we knew that our next project would be Undercover via Kickstarter. After many hours of hard work and preparation, the time has come.

Help us fund Undercover and you get to help us pick the songs you want us to record. Help us at a premium level, and you get to pick a song directly. You pick, we record. What could be more fun?

Visit the Kickstarter project for Undercover here!

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