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New Endless Blue EP in Summer 2011

Posted on Mar 25, 2011

I recognize that I’ve been talking a lot on the twitter machine about recording without speaking about what Endless Blue is actually up to. Well, about a month ago Laura and I had a very critical look at what we were doing and where we were heading with our current crop of music. It was a hard realization that in the last three years we had really only written five songs that were of the caliber that we wanted to release. The creative juices just weren’t there, it seems. A plan began to hatch in the following days, though. We started setting our eyes on a few other concepts that we wanted to pursue (which we will discuss another day), which was exciting and absolutely┬áinvigorating. But how to wrap the current album?

Easy. Release the five songs. I mean, this is the age of iTunes after all.

But even this plan morphed in the next week or two… There was a cover Laura had wanted to do for years now — I took a stab at it, and it worked. So we tacked that on. We also decided to record the version of Glory Box that we have been playing live for years. This got us thinking about a few other songs we used to play in our old band STATE4, maybe we could rework and rerecord those as well… Pretty soon we had our nine song EP sketched out and had a nice new burst of excitement for gettin’ it done.

So there you have it. We’ll be shooting for a Summer 2011 release of our new, as yet untitled, nine track EP. I’m very bullish about this being a realistic date as so much of the material has had years to work itself out. It’s simply a matter of grinding on the recording and mixing, and grinding we are — five hours last night alone. We’ll try and keep the updates flowing here in the blog, so check back often!

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