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Posted on Apr 8, 2009

Anyway, as this is an Endless Blue blog, I’ll get back to us. The Cactus Club show was fun and a nice chill end to the whole shebang, but we pulled almost no one. I’ll be happy to take the hit on that one, we just didn’t have the energy to promote the show after touring with Moulin Noir and Faith Assembly. We performed quite well, though, given all the practice we had racked up in the previous week. I like to call it my “show legs”, and we really had it on Friday.

What was missing, though, was something I hadn’t felt in several years. I wanted someone else up there on stage with us. Having the chance to play with Anders really reminded me of the magic of musicians coming together and creating music… I had burned out on the concept when we first moved to Wisconsin — I needed something different in my life at the time. But now… I want it back, I want to have the fun and unexpected elements new personalities add to performing live.

So if you or someone you know want to give it a whirl with EB, let me know… We don’t bite.



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