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Scenes of Mild Peril: EB’s new blues tinged EP out now

Posted on Dec 19, 2016

Here it is, our new EP Scenes of Mild Peril! This was a really different recording experience for us. Normally our tracks take form in the studio, with Nick ambushing people by saying “Hey, lay down a track on my new song”. This time we worked through all the songs in a live setting and ultimately played them live numerous times before committing them to the album. This allowed for a whole lot of tweaking and reworking in real time, and we feel the final product is significantly more organic and vibey.

Of course, this all started during a cross-country drive across the United States, doing “Sally Squats” to Moby’s Flower. The endless hours staring out the window with a wandering mind helped formulate the foundation of the album. That Nick swiped a giant pile of obscure blues vinyl from his Dad certainly helped to grease the gears. So often we found the songs writing themselves.

There’s at least another album worth of this sound left, but we wanted to get these tracks out there ASAP. So enjoy!

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