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Setbacks and Epiphanies

Posted on May 4, 2008

For all that’s gone bad this week, I’m surprised that I’m in a good mood at the moment. Go figure.

Early last week we had a really nasty wind storm blow through. As it turns out, the wind knocked down the power line to my new studio space. And, due to some weird situational politics with the neighbors, this isn’t going to get fixed anytime soon. Plus, I found out the owner may be selling the barn sometime in the near future, so it’s almost like I shouldn’t bother sinking a lot of time or money into it, and time or money is the only thing that’s going to make this space usable…

Not to be outdone, my recording computer is getting fritzy. It seems like the video board is going south of cheese — lots of lockups and weird behavior. I have a new board on order and I’m planning on yanking the offending board later this afternoon. Still plenty annoying, as it’s kept me from any meaningful music-related work this week.

But the epiphany that comes out of all of this maybe gives the whole affair a positive spin… Even with a homeless studio, I can still continue work on the album. Hell, I could do it with a tape player under a bridge. The *real* thing holding me back the last few weeks was that I really just needed a break. One can only listen to the same couple of tracks a certain number of times. And one can get pretty distracted by real life… I think a lot of those issues have been worked out, so now I can refocus.]]>

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