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Posted on Apr 3, 2007

Ok, so first off, I just have to give props to this video of Alanis Moresette covering “My Humps” by Fergie. I about wet myself laughing at this:

Anyhow. Work on the new album is gathering a little steam. Laura, who’s been working too hard at her day job of late, was super stressed out and overwhelmed. Which made for quite the recording session… There was just a ton of emotion there when she laid down lead vocals for two tracks. I haven’t had a chance to splice it all together yet, but from what I heard, she really nailed the tracks.

We got to talking during our post-recording cigarette, and we came to the consensus that this is the “no compromises” album. Our first two got rushed in one way or another to meet arbitrary time-lines that we imposed on ourselves. Granted, leaving an album out to pasture for 5+ years is not a good idea, but hurrying it out the door doesn’t help either. We’re going to take the time to make it “right” this go-round.

And “right” it is so far. You’ve probably read in a few other blog posts that I’ve spent a lot of time deconstructing and reconstructing tracks. This, compared to my “Sheet ‘o’ Death” with Smoke Through It, feels much more creative and flowing. Rather than having X number of tracks, with Y tracks left to record for them, I find that we’re working, mixing, and finishing as we go… Which allows me to keep returning to a song and tweaking it. ’till it’s perfect. Or a reasonable facsimile.


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