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Posted on Jan 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday, thought it would be a good time for an Endless Blue update.

Progress is slow on the new album, but it is progressing. What seems to be slowing us down is that Laura and I have been really picky about our songs. In the past, I would write maybe 12 or so basic tracks, cut the one or two that Laura didn’t jive with, then record them for the album. This time I’m up to 22 or so… We’re simply tossing out anything that isn’t catching our ear, moving on rather than hammering on a song until it kind of works. The fact of the matter is that good songs practically write themselves, and it’s obvious what is good and what is not. Right now we’re at about eight tunes or so.

When my muse isn’t cooperating, I’ve taken to learning new instruments. Two that are definitely showing up on our new album are a gritty old resonator slide guitar and turntables. Inspired originally by my work on a soundtrack for a defunded film, I really got a feel for incorporating slide guitar into downtempo music. Obviousy Beck and The Hotness have been there already, but it’s still pretty virgin territory, enough to make me induge in an eBayed resonator for my birthday this year… The scratching, that’s been a bit more of a long term project finally realized. I’ve been schlepping a pair of off-brand turntables around with me since 2000, kind of goofing around with them but never really buckling down and learning how to scratch. Last fall, having abandoned my ill-fated desire to beatbox (let us never speak of it again), I hunted down a tutorial on YouTube by the lovely Ellaskins at djtutor.com. Just a few hours and the pump had been primed… I’ve been hitting the wax a few hours a week ever since, and I’m at the point where I’m confidant enough to hit the record button.

In other news, now that I’ve finished up producing Bradley’s CD “Music is My Suicide Prevention” I’ve been working on a side project with Graham Kileen called Sons of Empire. It’s a bit more of a Rock thing, sounding like the bastard child of Arcade Fire and The Killers. Pretty interesting stuff — Graham is a very talented songwriter, and I have a lot of confidence that this project has wings. I’ll keep everyone posted.


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