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slowwwww dowwwwwn

Posted on Apr 30, 2007

not one of those weekends that you end thinking, man, i need a break before i start another week. it was a good break. i need more weekends where i don’t have any plans. that was the beautiful thing about it. on sunday, i had zero plans. it was everything i thought it could be.

we went for a walk – it ended up being pretty long (over 4 miles) and we made several stops along the way. sydney puppy was even dragging at the end.

everything has slowed a bit, which makes me quite happy. i was so busy for the last few months i didn’t even feel that i had time to breathe.

now, things are back in control. i feel more on top of stuff and i even have time to write a diary entry 🙂

i have been very inspired lately and writing lots of lyrics. I am not sure if they will really work out with our stuff or not, but it’s just come so easily lately that i have been pouring out page after page and we’ll see where and if they come into play. we are aiming for a late summer/early fall release of the album, but that really gives a little pressure. we have gotten quite a few songs done, but we are really taking our time. recording, re-recording and one more time re-recording seems to be the norm for this one.

i don’t know if my ears are just turning into “studio ears” or what, but i can’t seem to get exactly what i want for a few of the tracks. the idea has been to just let it go for a little while and pick it back up. that seems to always be the best bet.

good news. we were approached by a guy that had our music on his webisode a few years back. he is doing a new movie with a major hollywood actress and is interested in having our music as the primary soundtrack for the movie. that’s all i can say about this at this time!

pretty exciting and i’ll keep you informed on the progress!!!!

well, i guess i best be getting some work done here. i think that’s why i’m here at least…

until next time

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