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smells like burning….

Posted on Apr 3, 2007

(ITUNES Rainy Day Compilation)

I am sitting in my office and there is a horrible burning smell emanating from the downstairs torchier. Some poor lady bug got it, I’m afraid.

So, the strangest thing. Today, we got an email from a guy that said he wrote a poem that sounds very similar to our song (2 albums ago) – “Down”. One that I had written kind of throughout the years, but we placed on our self-titled album.

He said that he wrote it in 2001 after he ended a 6 year marriage. I can’t say that the title “Down” is all that original, so I can definitely see how another could write a similar song of a similar nature. Feeling miserably low, bleak and uninspired. It’s just a little strange that’s all, as he said the lyrics sounded kind of the same as his poem.

Bizarre. That’s what it is!!

Anyhoo – – I’m trying to keep writing here, but it’s just so difficult when life gets in the way. I have been so busy. I have majorly been slacking on SomeGirl, so sorry Steve. I have not been keeping up with the melody and lyric writing I am supposed to be doing.

Work is taking up most of my time as well as family and community events, activities and boards. Leaves very little time for playing live and just getting out to listen to other live music. That, I do miss about Minneapolis.

I also miss the bustle. What I do not miss is the general attitude of the scene, at least the scene that we were in. Pettiness prevailed and somehow the music kind of lost out. That, I am happy to say, is winning here. Our latest album (hoping to be released in summer) has taken on such a new dynamic, Every time we think we can nail a genre down, it changes from under us and surprises everyone.

We have some angry tracks and some really nonchalant tracks that surprised me as I wrote them. I was kind of surprised at the tone that some of these took on.

I did write a track called “Olive Branch”. It’s about a relationship I had back in college with a man that was such a nice guy. He was everything you might want in a boyfriend and for some reason I was just not very nice to him. I was in a strange period in my life and I didn’t treat him well at all. I think I still was reeling over another long-term relationship that had soured and I was getting ready to study in Germany for a year.

This guy really liked me, more than perhaps I felt he should, and I lashed out at him. Unfortunately, this did not make him love me less, which was really too bad. I did not feel like a good person when I was with him and to this day, I still regret the ways that I acted with him.

So, this song is a tribute to him and my apology to him and others that I may have hurt along the way. Many of my songs are about how others hurt me, I thought this might be an interesting twist.

Another song I have written about a good friend of mine that was cheated on by her husband of many years and the way that she felt throughout this whole ordeal.

It’s possible that this album will be more gritty and raw, less imagery. Although, I enjoy writing about abstract situations and themes, it’s nice to just get in there and be real sometimes…

Well..I’m just spouting off random words now, so I’ll let you off the hook to do other important things.

L-CASh out]]>

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