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Posted on Sep 20, 2007

sometimes life feels like it just takes over. that’s what it feels like now. my job consumes many of my thoughts, leaving me pretty dry when i’m trying to write new music. plus, i have been spending lots of time writing for somegirl. i have been traveling loads for work. in fact, on the plane ride home from boston, i finished 2 more songs for somegirl. that will be nice to get that album done. it is hard, but i have deadlines that i have to meet for somegirl. as soon as i am done with this album, i can really start focusing musically 100% to endless blue. if you want to check out some of our stuff for somegirl: http://www.somegirlmusic.com

nick and i have gotten a few songs done in the last few weeks – – perhaps nick will add a teaser track to the website – – we’ll see.

the nice thing about this upcoming album is that it seems like we are always tweaking, which is good. the last few albums, i have felt like we have not tweaked as far as we could have. leaving the “i wish i would have done….” thought after we had gotten the cd back. oh well. this one is going to be our best, i can feel it – – if we ever release it 🙂 just kidding.

my friend mindy came over for dinner with her little boy the other night and i played the song “her” that was inspired by her life situation. she cried when she heard it, which really meant something. i did my job in evoking the right feelings. i was glad that i correctly conveyed her situation. i cannot wait for her to hear the final track – she just heard a scratch track.

well – – i guess i should get back to work.

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