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Somegirl, Drummers, and Recording

Posted on Apr 9, 2011

Quite a bit going on in the last few weeks. Laura and I performed in Somegirl last Thursday at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. Great show, great fun. This was the second time that Laura’s sister Jessica has joined us on stage, and there is something pretty magical about hearing two singers that have been performing together for almost thirty years… By and large everyone said it we the best Somegirl has ever sounded live. Apart from our awesomeness (aren’t I humble?), Iris really knocked my socks off. Hailing from Cali, Chicago, and Texas, they had a really deep yet melodic sound. And, yes, that is me dancing to them in the videos… ­čÖé

After talking for years and years of adding musicians to our lineup, we finally bucked up and really went for it. On Monday we auditioned a drummer by the name of Josh. Now, as Kilted Farmer will tell you, all good things come from BW3s, and Josh is no exception. Laura (being Laura) got to talking with her waiter there one night (Alex I believe), ┬áand he pointed out Josh as the best drummer he knew. Laura (again being Laura) sat down with him and chatted for a while, eventually getting his info. This led to that, and Josh showed up on Monday for a mutual audition. And damned if he didn’t really nail the sound and vibe of Endless Blue. Very exciting. We’re going to continue rehearsing and working on our live set, and as long as he doesn’t get sick of our witty banter, expect to see Josh on the skins at our next live show.

As I’ve been reporting on the twitter machine, recording has been chugging along at a pretty good clip. Laura has been MIA due to a prior singing commitment (I hear she plays a guy and has a mustache, but these may be wild rumors) but will be returned to the studio after next week with a nice warmed up voice. In the meantime I’ve been laying down all the backing tracks and assembling everything ┬ájust short of actual mixing. I am purposefully trying to get everything locked in before mixing. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, in the past we’ve wasted countless hours mixing songs only to rework them and have to mix them again…┬áConceited as it sounds, I don’t have the luxury of time anymore, so we gotta be efficient. But late spring / early summer still looks like an attainable target for release.

That’s all I got for now. Cheers.

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