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Summer Ran Away

Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Summer Ran Away

After quite the bang with our initial summer show at the Norbert… Well, not a damn thing has happened in Endless Blue land. Our normal summer patio tour of West Bend just never gelled. Live music at Tap + Tavern got shut down by ASCAP. The Poplar Inn shut down live music through management changes. Family trips made scheduling difficult. Work got hectic. Other music projects got really busy.

So. Here we are, mid-July, with nothing on the calendar and a fully booked August. It just got way from us.

There is definitely something a little deeper here. It’s a reality I’ve had to come to terms with. In order to truly pursue your art, there is a level of compromise you must make. There’s a lot you can’t embrace fully. The rough and tumble life of an artist just doesn’t mesh well with things like family and financial security. At a certain point, you have to step back and make a choice. All I can say is that the Endless Blue family has family of its own that we care for and love. Sometimes we just need to hang up the spurs for a summer.

But that doesn’t preempt us from putting in an hour here or there. These hours add up. Before we knew it, we had roughed out the entirety of our next album. Twelve songs moving in a bit of a blues meets trip-hop style. We’re excited to share it with you, but there is work to be done before it’s ready.

Soon. Even with real life in the way.

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