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Posted on Nov 5, 2011

Creative Commons is holding their annual fund drive at the moment and I encourage everyone to donate a little something. As monetary and corporate interests drive deeper and deeper into trying to control all media it’s imperative that organizations like CC exist and protect art as a human experience, not a merely profit center. Endless Blue puts its money where its mouth is — I just donated, and remember, all our music has been retroactively released under a CC license.

I think I got pushed over the edge a little this morning regarding the whole copyright topic… Allow me to explain. I’ve been borrowing an iPad lately to goof around with. I’ve been trying out a lot of music and synth apps to get the creative juices flowing. The moog app is friggin’ amazing, and it’s cool to have a mobile version of CamelAudio’s Alchemy Player. I found my way to Korg’s iELECTRIBE (being a former Electribe owner and former Korg fanboi) and started watching videos. I soon found the iELECTRIBE Gorillaz version, which got me really excited. It had this glitchy, lo-fi vibe to it which is right up my alley.

…and then I read the fine print. In the legalese on the manual for the app, it says that commercial use of the instrument requires copyright clearance. So lemme get this straight. I’m buying this instrument, a creative implement for me to use in my compositions, but I have to go to the record company, hat in hands, if I want to release any of my tracks? Seriously?

Crazy world, folks. This is why CC is so important.

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