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The goggles, they are useless!

Posted on Mar 15, 2011

Alright, so I finally watched the Rebecca Black video of “Friday”. If you haven’t also partaken in this particular experience, you can do so here.

So, obviously, the first reaction is: The awfulness, it burns!

My second reaction is: Who the hell produced this? I mean, the production values in both the track and the video are not amateur level stuff. This was really a shot at making legit product. I did a little googling around, eventually ran across this bog post. Apparently Rebecca Black, or more aptly her parents, were the victim of a cast call hit factory scam:

The formula is simple: They’ll fly your child between the specified ages of 13-17 to Los Angeles, write her a “hit,” record it in super-compressed Autotuned production, shoot an edge detection-overlay video and BAM! Maybe your kid can notch up a couple thousand YouTube views while you watch your dreams of being a pop-star parent percolate.

…and all the while Mom and Dad footing the bill.

But is this so wrong? That’s what has been nagging me all afternoon. I mean, the producers delivered pretty decent product for what they had. I bet 13 year old Rebecca had a blast getting to be a pop star for a while, I mean, look at the video (not the edge-detection overlay, that will likely make you scream). And, hey, I bet the Blacks had plenty of cash to blow on their daughter’s dream.

The real tragedy here is that you can’t buy talent and ability. You couldn’t drop $5 million and get to be an NBA star. Music is the closest to being able to do so with the extreme production these days. You still can’t buy a hit, though, and the Internet’s pretty much unanimous panning of Friday puts the truth to this. So many people should have known better through this entire process, it’s sad that this poor girl is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life.

Because, say it with me, the Internet is forever.



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