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The Next Year in Blue: 2014

Posted on Jan 18, 2014

Dapper Blue PeopleAnother year come and gone… 2013 was the year of the cover for us, releasing both our full length and EP based on other people’s music. Eighteen tracks released in a single year is easily the most prolific we’ve ever been. Heading into 2014 we have a huge amount of momentum.

A big chunk of this energy will be put to new original music. We’re a couple of tracks in and it’s all measuring up to be good, classic Endless Blue. I would say it tilts a bit more to the “Smoke Through It” era with strong guitars and a bit more of a rock songwriting ethos. Having Scott on board has helped drive this, but it doesn’t hurt to have been really doing a lot of extra-curricular guitar work for the last six months.

And then… There was an evening recently where, after a number of drinks, we started waxing poetic about what we have found personally fulfilling in our music. That is, what makes us the most proud when it pops up on the ‘ole iPod. Laura and I both agreed that we loved our soundtrack work for Six Bullets, and I mentioned my mashup work. On the mashup front, I’ve had an idea for a concept mashup for almost a year now. I’ve just started working on it, but it’s moving fast. I’d expect it to drop sometime this year.

As for soundtracks, we haven’t had any opportunity to do any for years now. Which is hardly an excuse. So I’ve started creating my own film to score, or rather “remixing” a film into something a bit more artistic and ready to be scored. It’s still in its initial stages, but is measuring up to be pretty cool. We’ll see how this progresses…

So much to be done, so little time. Come at me, 2014.

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