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Throwing the proverbial “Munch” and other oddities

Posted on Mar 14, 2007

[np: William Orbit – Hello Waveforms]

So, what’s new? Back to the gym for me. Ouch, but a good ouch. I have a bit more motivation to do it now, to be honest. It gives me ample “by myself” time. Listen to tunes, move legs, lift heavy things, and think deep thoughts. Lovely.

My iPod had the latest Junior Boys release So This Is Goodbye spinning while I burned a few calories on the StairBastard. Excellent, excellent album. So rarely does an artist really fine tune their sound so well for their second release. For the Junior Boys, it’s all about the vintage synths, handclaps, whispery vocals, and lots and lots of space. Minimalism is the name of the game, and they’re brilliant at it.

Hope they come near Milwaukee for their tour… Hrm, Empty Bottle in Chi-tonw (no, that’s not mispelled, listen to NPR bitches) on May 7…

Anyhow, Laura and I sat and scribbled out another song’s worth of lyrics last night. Thinking this one is called “Mighty Sad”. Damn catchy chorus, I must say, but the backing track is a little to be desired at the moment. The “live drums” are a little snarey/edgey, and the synths are very weak. It’ll get there, though. That marks 5 tracks with vocals, probably 5 to go. I think, though, that Laura and I have gotten the ball seriously rolling now, so we should knock ab bunch of these bad-boys out very quickly.

Well, gotta throw a proverbial munch. Ciao.]]>

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