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To the scrapheap with ye

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Heh. I rock geek socks, yo — got my first story posted on Slashdot! Well, partially mine… Read here. lol john mccain got pwned… 😉

Ahhh. Finally got the master disc out the door for the Six Bullets Original Soundtrack on Monday, and quite frankly I haven’t known what to do with myself since. It’s really crazy to think that it is complete after 3+ years of work — without a doubt the longest project I’ve worked on. And I am pretty happy with the results. As an avid soundtrack listener, I would definitely listen to me. Now to archive the off the PC and get to work on the next proper Endless Blue album…

In that vein, Laura and I crunched on a track last night, but it just wasn’t coming together. We’ve reached a point where, as we smoke a cig and drink a beer after a session, we can both say “Well, I don’t know about that. Let’s scrap it and try again another night”. Decent is no longer good enough — tracks need to jump out at the listener and shake ’em around a bit.

Good for the fans, lots and lots of work for us…

It’s a great feeling though when you push back from the mixing board and say “That’s it”, when a song is properly nailed. I think we can chalk up only one of these for the next album right now, but two more are in the wings, just need some tweaking and new vocals.

Long way to go, though…]]>

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