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Vinyl, Undercover, and Fistfights with Miramax

Posted on Jun 22, 2012

Chilling out this evening, having a beer and partaking in my latest obsession: crappy thrift store vinyl. There’s something about the tactile immediacy of vinyl that is very appealing. There was also a glut of vinyl put out in the 60’s that is not only interesting but really lost to the world — I mean, how many of the approximately 10 gazillion 101 Strings albums (a thrift store staple) were reissued on CD or digital format? Not to say this stuff is particularly very good… But it’s a snapshot and has a “sound” I’ve become very attached to.

Anyway, first an update on “Undercover”:

Arranging and recording continues a a pretty steady clip. There have been a few hiccups in the early summer (busy travel schedules, moving our studio, and Diablo III to name a few), but we’re still easily on track to finish principle recording by the end of the year, with mixing and mastering to take place in the spring of 2013. We’re in the thick of our big donor’s songs, some of which have been… Challenging… But that’s been the whole point of this album, to put us outside our comfort zone. We’ll post our progress on SoundCloud this weekend to our donors that have access.

In between working on Undercover tracks we’ve been working on original material for our next album. It’s all just preliminary stuff at the moment, with a few exceptions. Hard to describe where our sound is headed, but it’s a little different — maybe a little more classic trip-hop with plenty of vinyl injected in (see first paragraph). It’s still a bit amorphous, but it’s definitely headed in a direction. Who knows which one, though…

On the live front, we’re all itching to play some shows but have fallen out of the game enough that its proving a little tough to get the ‘ole motor running again. A planning meeting is in order, maybe with a some minutes and synergy to make it official. Wisconsin, here we come, ever so slowly.

Finally, here’s a new video, this time for “Goodbye”. Miramax seems a bit miffed at our use of “Kill Bill”, but hey, whatever. Come at me bro.

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