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What’s Endless Blue Been Up To? Spring 2016

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

What’s Endless Blue Been Up To? Spring 2016

It was a quiet winter for Endless Blue. After releasing the EMNINEM mashup CD in fall and the Move On album in the previous spring, everyone took a little time to relax, be with family, and deal with real life.

Except for me (nickm). The summer combined two rather powerful influences. The first was torturing myself with “Sally”, a pretty brutal exercise set to Moby’s B-Side off Play called Flower. I’m not sure if it was the induced pain or endorphins, but I really, really got inspired by this song. I found myself poking around on archive.org looking for public domain audio and revisiting the Grafton, WI blues audio.

IMG_20150716_131359The second powerful event was raiding my father’s blues vinyl archive. Now, he is by no means a collector, but what he makes up for in frugality is in taste. I was able to convince him to part with a big chunk of records, if merely on “loan” for the near future. After driving them back from New Mexico to Wisconsin, I promptly spent the remainder of the summer and fall listening to this impressive vinyl. It was extremely nostalgic, and made me realize how I had grown up with this music, either exposed to it on the radio or by attending the numerous festivals held around New Mexico. This was where I was from.

What this all led to was a switch getting flipped in my brain, and a light bulb turning on. What if we made an album centered around the blues? Moby had done so much with mixing the old and new, but had pulled up short of using what I would consider “real” blues music. What if we did it for real, using that Endless Blue flair?

So that’s what we’re doing. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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