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Posted on Nov 23, 2013

I’ve been a bit remiss in updating this site… The fact of the matter is that, given my rather limited time, I would prefer to spend an hour on new music than the typical hour it takes for me to post a blog entry. That said, it’s Saturday, I’ve had a few beers, I’m killing some time between now and my allowable continuation of the weekend, so here goes.

Endless Blue is not a full time thing for any of us. Being a full time musician in this day and age is pretty much taking on a vow of poverty… I met an amazing drummer from Antigua in Negril about a year and a half back. Here’s a gentleman in his mid fifties, obviously very well off, playing really inspired drums with the Jamaican house band. I felt like he was “someone” and approached him at the bar. He assured me that he was “no one”, and regaled me with a tale of his youth as a jazz drummer in Antigua. He and his friend were pretty well known in the area and filled their nights with playing music. At some point, though, he decided to move music to the realm of “hobby” and moved into the business world while his friend stayed a musician. He ended his story pointing to his beautiful wife and telling of his many beachfront properties in his home country. His friend still sleeps on his couch when his band is in town…

I think this story pops to mind because it reminds me of myself. There’s a freedom to allowing your music to become a passion rather than a job — I don’t have to pay the bills playing gigs or selling albums, therefore I can do whatever the hell I want with it. It doesn’t become drudgery or pedestrian. Every second I get in front of my speakers, my Juno, my Akai, and my guitar is a golden escape.

So, whimsical meta aside, we are making pretty amazing progress on our next original album. Thursday night Laura recorded some amazing vocals for a “new” song. The song idea was from five years ago, the lyrics likely from ten years ago. I almost tossed it into the trash bin about a month ago, but started working with it and was able to slap the paddles on it, shout “CLEAR” and bring it back from the brink. Always exciting. That one in the bag, we have eight or nine arranged tracks in various levels of completion. I want to shoot for fourteen to sixteen tracks to get a nice array of choices when we narrow back to ten, but with the pace I’m writing at that won’t take terribly long. I imagine the next album will get wrapped up in summer of next year.

Which, finally, brings us to a bit of a weak showing for me — the “Deeper Undercover” B-Side EP. I mean, this thing is done. I just haven’t gotten to buttoning up all the little details yet (like artwork). There are some decent tunes on here, too… Here’s to hoping that the Thanksgiving holiday will provide enough opportunity to get this ironed out.

With that, I’ll close — still truckin’.

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